Architectural and Construction Department

Maltsev Maxim Andreevich

Head of department

The department participates in all the work of the institute in terms of sections of AR, QL, KM, KR working documentation.
The department ensures the development of high-quality design and estimate documentation for newly designed and reconstructed thermal power plants, boiler houses, substations with all main and auxiliary structures and communications, civil facilities: residential buildings, hotels, religious buildings, entrance gates, colleges, etc.
ASO selects optimal technical solutions at all stages of design and off-stage work, issues tasks to specialized departments for the development of sections and parts of thermal power plants, boiler houses, and substations projects. In all design developments, the department ensures a high technical level and high economic efficiency of the designed energy facilities. This is achieved through the maximum use of the latest achievements of science and technology, automated process control systems so that the enterprises under construction and reconstruction at the time of their commissioning are technically advanced and have high indicators in labor productivity, production costs and product quality, ensuring the greatest increase products for each unit of capital investment spent and for working and living conditions met modern requirements.

Department of automated control systems

Kolosova Alexandra Sergeevna
Head of department

The department does: • Coordination of technological decisions made for all objects designed at the institute, • Coordination of design solutions with subcontractors (ORGRES (Tashkent)), equipment manufacturers and the Customer (business trips to the facility). • Participation in technical meetings with the management, in SJSC “Uzbekenergo”. • Coordination of technical specifications with the manufacturer. • Training of young specialists. • Verification of issued project documentation. The work of the department includes the development of functional diagrams of automation of technological processes, block diagrams of control and monitoring, block diagrams of a complex of technical means, circuit diagrams of control, automatic regulation, control, blocking, protection and signaling, circuit diagrams of power supply, diagrams of external connections, diagrams of pipe wiring , general views of switchboards and consoles, connection diagrams to the NKU, plans for the placement of automation equipment, control cable logs, non-standard drawings for the installation of automation equipment (development of a task for the plant for the manufacture of NKU), custom specifications for automation equipment, lists of equipment and materials of incomplete delivery, cost estimate .

Department of water supply and sewerage

Nailya Sharipova
Head of department

The department is engaged in the development and implementation of the relevant sections of the PTEO, PTER, feasibility study, TER, investment projects for thermal power facilities, the development and implementation of project documentation for new construction, as well as the reconstruction and expansion of thermal power plants in terms of water supply and sewerage (household and drinking, industrial and fire-fighting water supply, household and industrial sewerage). Performs construction supervision.

1. Design of technical water supply systems for thermal power plants • Water intakes • Pumping stations for circulation, block, coastal, drainage, clarified water, etc. • Pressure and drain circulating water conduits, thermal power plants, additional water conduits with structures on them. • Drainage of the territory of TPP • Coolers (cooling towers, spray ponds, etc.) • Open inlet and outlet channels • Settling tanks, pulp dumps, etc. • Compilation of water balances • Hydraulic calculations of technical water supply systems and gas storage. 2. Designing systems for external hydraulic ash removal (GZU). • Ash pipelines • Ash and slag dumps with enclosing dams, impervious screen, piezometric mesh, C&A, draw ash pipeline along dams with pulp outlets. • Structures of the return system (to the circulation cycle) of clarified water (mine and stepped spillways), clarified water conduits from ASW to clarified water pumping stations, clarified water pumping stations • Clarified water conduits from the NOV to the boiler room of the TPP.

Department of General Planning and Transport

Vokhid Zokhidovich Yuldashev
Head of department

Completely develops technical documentation for the sections of the master plan, railway and road transport of the designed facilities for various purposes. The work of the department includes projects: land acquisition, master plan, vertical planning, landscaping, on-site and access railways and roads, small artificial structures and bridges, retaining walls, drainage channels and the track part of railway stations.

Department of Geophysics and Seismology

Head of department

Department functions: • carrying out survey work by more economical and ahead of drilling geophysical methods • performance of works on seismic microzoning (SMR) of territories of especially critical industrial facilities. Tasks solved by the department: 1. Engineering and geological: • lithological division of the section • determination of the occurrence of the groundwater level and watering of the territories; • identification of zones of soil deconsolidation and zones of water filtration; • study of the tectonics of the territories where industrial facilities are located. 2. Seismic microzoning: • clarification of the seismic intensity of the territory where the industrial facility is located; • clarification of the degree of seismic hazard in the area where the industrial facility is located; • study of soil behavior during earthquakes and explosions, their influence on buildings and structures. 3. Electrochemical protection of underground utilities and structures • surveys for the purposes of ECP; • ECP design. 4. Study of the technical condition of metal structures, tanks.

Engineering Department

Valery Kunov
Head of department

Engineering surveys provide a comprehensive study of the natural conditions of the construction area and provide the necessary data for the development of sound technical solutions for the design and construction of facilities, as well as conduct research, monitoring and field supervision during operation. Engineering-geological, engineering-geodetic, engineering-geophysical and engineering-hydrological works are carried out both in a complex and separately according to the customer’s specifications.

Department of heating and ventilation

Kutsenko Ekaterina Nikolaevna
Head of department

Engaged in the development of design documentation for new construction, as well as reconstruction, technical re-equipment and expansion of thermal power plants: • on heating and ventilation of buildings and structures (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cold supply of buildings and structures, heat networks at the industrial site), • development of the relevant sections of the PTEO (PTER), feasibility study (TER) of investment projects for heat and power facilities, • carries out architectural supervision of construction, Implementation of projects in accordance with regulatory documents, ISO 9001:2000 standards, as well as using three-dimensional design in the PDMS program

PIC and estimates department

Yagova Alexandra Yurievna
Head of department

The PIC and Estimate Department ensures the development of cost estimates in accordance with the projects agreed with customers and contractors for the planned volume of construction and installation works. The department in its activities is guided by: the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan; The requirements of the relevant ShNK, KMK, SNIP; standard projects, price lists, estimated standards; orders, orders and directive instructions of SJSC “Uzbekenergo”, GosKomArkhitektekstroy of the Republic of Uzbekistan; ISO 9001-2000 series and other normative documents. The department takes part in the preparation, transfer to the Customer of the estimate documentation in a timely manner in accordance with the contract. The head of the department participates in the defense of the estimate documentation in the State Expertise (at the stage of PTEO, feasibility study, R.P.).

Department of Ecology

Panteyeva Elvira Ramilyevna
Head of department

Organized at JSC TEP in 1995. Department, in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan: • conducts an environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the designed objects of economic activity; • develops standards for emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, discharges and waste from enterprises in various industries; • ensures the passage of EIA materials and environmental standards of environmental expertise; • develops normative documentation on environmental protection; • conducts environmental audits of enterprises. The department is equipped with modern programs of the “Ecolog” series for calculating emissions and dispersion of pollutants, performing acoustic calculations and determining the size of sanitary protection zones. The specialists of the department participated in the Program of the Canadian International Development Agency CIDA / IPAC for training specialists in the Caspian region in matters of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, completed advanced training courses on environmental impact assessment and environmental expertise under the Grant of the International Development Fund for capacity building in the field of environmental management ( IDF Grant No. 27392), have certificates in the field of environmental protection, EIA and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM): • Asian Development Bank No. 2859-UZB “Strengthening organizations involved in environmental protection”; • Russian Chemical-Technological University. D.I. Mendeleev (Moscow); • Institute for advanced training in ecology “Integral” (St. Petersburg); • Moscow Association for Environmental Education; • National Authority for CDM and the UNDP project “Clean Development Potential Building in Uzbekistan”; • CIDA/IPAC “Environmental Management in the Implementation of Projects under the Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation (JI/CDM)”; CIDA/IPAC JI/CDM Fundamentals: Key Concepts and Procedures.

Planning and production department

Shopkeeper Elena Leonidovna
Head of department

Planning and production department is an independent structural subdivision of Teploelektroproekt JSC, refers to the administrative and managerial personnel. The main tasks and responsibilities of the department are: • implementation of timely and high-quality planning and economic analysis of production contracts (objects), scope of work, prime cost, labor costs, production program in terms of planning by objects. • Improving the forms and system of remuneration in order to increase the material interest of workers in the final results of labor, create favorable working conditions and improve the culture of production. • coordinating the activities of the structural subdivisions of Teploelektroproekt JSC in the field of labor organization, wages and production management. • timely preparation and verification of estimates for design and estimate documentation, preparation and signing of contracts with Customers and subcontractors, execution of acceptance certificates for work performed, coordination with the Customer of the cost of work. • implementation of monthly monitoring of the deviation of planned and actual labor costs and other indicators that affect the formation of the cost. • development of internal normative acts (rates of expenditures for the production of R&D, cost estimates for the provision of other types of services). • timely and high-quality execution of orders, orders, regulations, regulations and other documents. • performance of work is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the standard ISO 9001:2008 and developed QMS documents

Thermomechanical department

Olga Viktorovna Kanunnikova
Head of department

The main activity of the department is a comprehensive solution: • at the choice of the main and auxiliary thermal mechanical and water-chemical equipment, • development of schemes of technological processes, equipment layouts • for the preparation and issuance of tasks to related departments for the performance of work, • on the development of design estimates for new construction, reconstruction, technical re-equipment and expansion of energy industry facilities, • for the implementation of architectural supervision of the construction of the designed facilities. Behind our employees is a grandiose work on the creation of powerful stations in the Central Asian region: Syr-Darya TPP, Novo-Angren TPP, Tashkent TPP, Navoi TPP and the pride of Uzbekistan – Talimarjan TPP. The activity of TMO today is the development of the main ideas and principles for the reconstruction of thermal power plants, heat supply systems for cities and other design objects using new promising and economical ways to generate electricity. The thermomechanical department has not only the experience of previous years, but also the latest computer-aided design methods in the PDMS system, which allows to reduce the design time.

Electrical Engineering Department

Salyamov Abduvali Kakhharovich
Head of department

Develops the electrical part of projects: • wiring diagrams, • electrical equipment, • cable management, • electric lighting, • relay protection, • control and automation of the elements of the main circuit and own needs. In all design developments, the electrical engineering department ensures a high technical level and high economic efficiency of the designed energy facilities by: 1. Optimal location of enterprises in industrial hubs with the maximum possible general auxiliary production, engineering and transport communications, with a single system of consumer services for workers, and, in each specific case, with cooperation in district facilities necessary for neighboring industrial enterprises. 2. Maximum unification and typification of design solutions, the use of catalogs, albums of standard building structures, parts, assemblies and fasteners so that the development of working drawings is reduced to the maximum to the preparation of installation plans and sections with links to these albums.